Rachael Botsman, a global thought leader on the power of collaborative consumption, has identified nine fast-growing start-ups that have the potential to capture the Australian marketplace. She says that investors are at work finding opportunities in ubiquitous urban challenges and funding platforms that provide simple solutions to everyday problems.

One example is Luxe, a new San Francisco-based service that sends a pre-screened valet to park your vehicle, in any serviced location. This door-to-door platform matches peers with valets and monitors every step of the processes from pick-up to drop-off. Vehicles are parked in insured, secure lots at a price of $US5.70 and hour, or $US15 per day.

Another great start-up has found its way into the courier industry in San Francisco, New York and Miami. SHYP empowers individuals and businesses to bypass waiting lines by snapping a photo of an item to be shipped, along with the destination address, into the Shyp iPhone application. A request is sent to a Shyp Hero who collects the item as is within 20 minutes. The peer economy is also solving the need for rapid fresh-cut-flower sales with BloomThat which guarantees delivery of hand-crafted bouquet options within 90 minutes.

Shyp Heroes and Luxe Valets are ultimately servicing the marketplace for efficient, low-cost services a lot like TaskRabbit. Botsman’s picks for venture-capital span different industries, but they are all tapping into technology-savy, value-driven consumers at a rapid pace.

Check out the AFR’s Boss blog to see the other opportunities Botsman identifies.

Photo by Toban B / CC BY-NC

From shipping to valets, Botsman predicts the next big start-ups in the sharing economy
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