On 10 April 2014, over 30 students benefitted from the combined wisdom and practical tips of an intellectual property barrister, a patent attorney and a former IP litigator. They gained insight into what it takes to be an IP professional, what jobs are available, and guidance as to how to network effectively.

Dan Hunter, Professor of Intellectual Property and Innovation, QUT Law School, welcomed the QUT law students to the first Careers & Current Awareness in IP discussion for 2014 before handing over to the chair for the discussion, Dr Ben McEniery.

The presenters for the evening were Scott Chisolm (former litigator and current QUT Law academic), Angela Dahlke (Patent & Trade Mark attorney in private practice) and Ben McEniery (barrister and current QUT Law academic). In the hour-long discussion they provided a lively and interactive evening sharing insights from practice and guidance for structuring studies to fit future careers.

The discussion series, presented by the QUT Intellectual Property Program, is aimed at giving assistance to students interested in career opportunities in the IP field, and to provide awareness about current issues in IP.

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QUT students gain a head start on their IP careers …

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