QUT Law School is one of the strongest sites for legal research in intellectual property and innovation in the Australasian region, and in the world. With the recent addition of Professor Dan Hunter, an expert in intellectual property theory, copyright, high technology and branding, the program now boasts six full-time legal academics working across all intellectual property regimes. These include Professor Kamal Puri (International IP), Dr Nic Suzor (Copyright, Systems of Cultural Production, Videogames), Dr Lucy Cradduck (Broadband Policy) Dr Ben McEniery (Patents) and Peter Black (Media and Entertainment, Digital Government).

  • Content and the digital transformation: collective action, cooperation, and models for the production of knowledge and cultural goods; open access and open education; amateur content and the copyright system; free and open source software; content creation and distribution models in the creative industries.
  • Branding and trademark theory: cultural histories of brands; social, cognitive and economic models of value; brands vs trademarks.
  • International IP: IP and development; comparative IP; access to knowledge;the international digital divide.
  • Broadband Policy: infrastructure development; network neutrality; network access as a human right.
  • Social media: regulation and governance of social networks; liability issues.
  • Open Government: open data; transparency; cyberterrorism; models for civic engagement.

This is an exciting time for IP and innovation research at QUT. The law school and the university are committed to developing research in this area, and the program is rapidly expanding. In addition to the academic staff there are currently eight research higher degree students (PhD or SJD) pursuing doctorates in IP, as well as the internationally significant QUT-WIPO Masters in Intellectual Property Law. QUT hosts Creative Commons Australia, was the first university in the world to adopt university-wide open access policies, and was instrumental in forming the Australian Digital Alliance. The IP and Innovation program is directly connected with world-leading cross-disciplinary researchers in the ARC Centre of Excellence for Creative Industries and Innovation, also based at QUT, currently working on a wide range of topics including data models of the Twitterverse, new innovation models in cinema, analysis of royalty repatriation in the recording industry, labour and creative capital, and large-scale mapping of internet use. PhD students can expect to be involved with some or all of these aspects of the program.

Applications are welcome from domestic and international students. Applications for scholarships close on 13 October 2013. A step-by-step guide to the PhD applications process at QUT is located here. QUT offers a range of scholarships for domestic and international students. While we cannot guarantee that you will be awarded a scholarship, quality PhD projects do stand a good chance of receiving funding support. For further information about PhD research at QUT, please see here.

If you are interested in applying for a PhD scholarship commencing in 2014 or for a place in the PhD program, please contact Professor Dan Hunter <dan.hunter@qut.edu.au>

PhD scholarships available in QUT’s Intellectual Property and Innovation Law program in Brisbane, Australia.

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