Change Congress and Regulatory Transparency:
CHANGE v2: What changes Obama will need?

In this Public Lecture Professor Lawrence Lessig will talk about the Change Congress project that aims to persuade members of congress to rely for funding on citizen contributions rather than big donations from special interests. The organisation considers that funding by corporate special interests has caused members of congress to favour these interests, undermining the integrity of the legislative process and resulting in legislation that may harm the public interest.

The aims of Change Congress are consistent with Barack Obama’s goal to achieve a transparent political culture that restores public trust. Its success may be critical to Obama’s hopes for enlisting congressional support for ambitious reforms to solve domestic and political crisis.

The free public lecture will be hold on Friday 29 May 2009, at The Banco Court, Law Courts Complex, 304 George Street, Brisbane.

Professor Lessig
Photograph by Joi from Flickr, Licensed under CC (US) Attribution 2.0 Generic

Professor Lawrence Lessig Public Lecture – Change Congress and Regulatory Transparency

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